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Need Magento Support? We're able to help you out with various solutions including resolving conflicts, increasing performance, building extensions, integrating platforms, single sign-on and much more.

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Is your current project in need of some support? We're able to help you out with various problems including resolving conflicts, increasing performance, building extensions, integrating platforms, single sign-on and much more. Or your hosting is not performing as it should and keeps on failing you. We're there for those tasks that you just can't wrap your hands around.

This is what customers hire us for

  • Install, Configure or Customize Magento Extensions
  • Resolve conflicts between your Magento extensions
  • Increase your Magento shop performance
  • Integrate external systems with your Magento webshop
  • Manage Single Sign-On using SAML, OAuth2 and more
  • Build new extensions to elevate your business
  • Professionalize, tune or maintain your server hosting
14 Days Moneyback Guarantee

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

365 Days Free Extension Support

365 Days of free extension updates

Professional Magento Support

Professional Skilled Support


How does Wizkunde Support work?

  • If you have bugs, we'll always solve them for free with high priority
  • Fill in the contact form with your request or question
  • Let us know your priority so that we can be open about our schedule
  • We'll answer your request and if applicable, give our estimation
  • Purchase the required tickets on this very page
  • Send us the login details, if this work requires us to login on to your server
  • We'll get someone on it as soon as possible

Do you require Magento Support?

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For information on our license policy, please check our License Page

  • Is there a Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a 14 days money back guarantee. If the extension is not suitable for your project, let us know and we'll refund you

  • Do i have to work with license Keys

    Our extensions do not use license keys. They are allowed to be installed in a single installation and can be installed in as many development environments as required for your project

  • Does the extension has encoding

    No code in any of our extensions is encoded in any way. Every piece of code is 100% customizable to the needs of your projects

  • Is there a trial version

    We offer a 14 days money back guarantee and therefor we do not provide trial versions. Is the extension not suitable for your project, you can request a refund from us

  • How long is my support period

    After your purchase you have a year of support including bugfix releases. As long as we stay in the same major version, your support doesnt end after the year even!

  • Do you build extensions for both Magento 1 and Magento 2

    We aim to build all our extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2. The functionality might differ a bit, due to version limitations, but most of our extensions are available in both platforms

  • Can you do customization work

    Yes, we customize our extensions and extensions of other companies. If customization work is viable for our future release, we'll even put it in the core of our releases

  • How do i get support for your extension

    The best way would be to start with either the chat, or sending us a request on the Contact Form