Magento 2 Universal Webhooks

Magento 2 Universal Webhooks
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Connect Magento 2 to your own ERP, Fullfillment or any other system with a REST interface without having to write a single line of code. Secure, fast and easy!


Contact us via our contact form and leave your details to request a personal demo environment. We will setup a personal Magento 2 installation for you which you can use to test the Magento 2 webhook extension.

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What does it do?

Connect Magento 2 to ANY REST complient API to receive LIVE customer, catalog and sales data!

Many webshops have integrations with external systems and all of these integrations can be time consuming and costly to get developed or setup. Our extension solves this problem without one line of code. After installation, you setup a few configuration fields and your webshop will send out live data right away

Is it fast and efficient?

Yes! Our extension uses plugins which do not execute anything if the webhook is disabled or has nothing to send. We've ensured your webshop will run as good as it would without our extension

Can the extension deal with high load?

Certainly, the extension can be switched between live and burst mode. Burst mode doses the output of the extension to send a certain amount of data every 5 minutes. This ensures that servers with high (burst) load are never overcapacitated by our webhook senders

What about historical data?

When you installed our extension, you can trigger the historical data with 1 click. After the click, all your historical shop data (customers, sales, products, categories) will be sent to your REST API endpoint using our Burst Queue, so it will never overcapacitate the load of your webshop.

Is the extension secure?

Yes, if you use HTTPS as an endpoint so that the connection itself is encrypted with a SSL encryption. We also send HMAC security headers which you can use to validate the integrity of the data on the REST API side. Just use the secret key set in the Magento 2 backend to validate the signature against the data being sent

Magento 2.0 Compatible

Supported Magento 2 Webhooks

  • Customer Login/Logout
  • Customer Create/Update
  • Customer Address Create/Update
  • Cart Create/Update
  • Guest Checkout Create
  • Order Place
  • Order Cancel
  • Order Shipment
  • Order Refund
  • Category Create/Update
  • Product Create/Update
  • Admin User Create/Update
  • Admin User Login/Logout

Extension Settings

General Extension Settings Security Extension Settings

Individual Webhook Configuration

Webhook Extension Settings

Simple Configuration

With this simple configuration you can fully configure the extension to send the webhooks to your required endpoints. Simply install the extension, set the endpoint and identifier to the right URL and you're ready to go!

Integration Identifier

Every webshop can identify itself with a separate identifier. When a webhook is sent, you can then immediately differentiate each website by this identifier

Operation Mode: Burst - For High Load Webshops

Burst mode sends the webhook data in controlled bursts every 5 minutes, to reduce the load on the website. Every burst has a maximum amount of items which will be send. The rest is sent in the next burst.

HMAC Security Header

Ensure every bit of data is received unmodified by sending a HMAC validation hash in the headers along side the data, to validate the contents. On the REST API side, the data can be validated by using the same secret key to calculate the hash. If they are equal, the data is not modified

Individual Webhook Control

Dont need all the webhooks to be sent? You control which webhook is being sent. By simply changing the configuration in the Magento backend, you can start and stop sending each webhook without any need for custom work

Example Customer Output

Webhook Customer Magento 2

Example Headers Output

Webhook Extension Headers

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