Magento 1 Configurable Bundle

Magento 1 Configurable Bundle
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Build Completely customizable product sets in Magento. Bundle configurable products to build a truely userfriendly product which increases your revenue. Allowing you to render custom options and make your bundle page greatly increase your usability and sales. Visualize your bundled product by displaying composite images as the customer configures its bundle.

Since Magento 1 is more and more being upgraded to Magento 2, we're now selling our configurable bundle extension with all of its unique capabilities for a discounted price to enable store owners of older stores to still profit from the quality which you are used to get from us.

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Combine the power of configurable products and bundle products to create a configurable bundle. Allow your customer to fully configure his bundle on one screen and go directly to checkout! This is exactly what Configurable Bundle does. A way to truly take control of bundled products in a way that makes them useful!

It does not matter if you sell clothes, computers, cars or airplanes. You can allow your customer to completely configure the bundle product in a way that he desires.

Over 200 customers are already using our extension in their shop. Every day more customers decide to improve their shop revenue with our module.

Now our Magento 2.x version is available as a successor to our previous version for Magento 1.x sold to over 200 customers all over the world!

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Magento 2 Configurable Bundle Manual
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